About Outside in

Why are we called Outside In?

This name was chosen in 2006 by a group of people who use social services and had some involvement at Glyndwr University.  It describes what we do and what we are - people who are usually on the 'Outside' of universities coming 'In' to partcipate in educating social workers.

Who are we?

We are individuals who have expertise gained as a result of particular life experiences.  These experiences are sometimes called 'disability', 'mental illness', 'ageing', 'sensory impairment', and other labels commonly used by society.  We aim to share our expertise to challenge the stereotypical assumptions made about people who are labelled like this.

What do we do?

Back in 2006 we were mainly involved in interviewing candidates for the social work degree.  We still do this.  Now, however, as well as taking part in interviewing panels, we work in partnership with lecturers and practitioners to choose potential students for interview through the UCAS selection process.

Teaching takes many forms and we are regularly involved in the classroom, using anything from role play to more traditional teaching methods to get our experiences across.  In order to be able to work with students we have researched and been involved in curriculum development.  A new service user and carer-led module for final (third) year students  was launched in October 2012.

To qualify as social workers, students go through many assessments.  Working in partnership with lecturers and practitioners we are part of this assessment process, for example, we have been involved in giving feedback on student presentations.   

The social work programme management group includes representatives from Outside In.  The group has overall responsibility for the running of the degree.