How to become involved

Interested in getting involved?

Involvement varies across the academic year.  The busiest time is between September and May.  All activities happen between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  This is because of the structure of the social work programme.

Involvement  ...

You can contact Liz Lefroy who is the lecturer who supports Outside In's involvement.  It's best to do this via email [email protected] or by leaving a message on her anwerphone 01978 293471.

Liz will invite you in to the University to talk about ways you can get involved.  You can bring someone with you if you like.  Some people like to come along to an Outside In meeting to get an idea what we do and meet other people.  These meetings happen about 4 times a year.  Others prefer to get involved for specific activities, such as giving a presentation.

Organisations can be involved too - again, contact Liz if you are interested.