I found W’s story very inspiring and motivational.  It is, unfortunately, rare to hear positive experiences of social work intervention and to hear of good practice and positive changes that social work made to W’s day to day life and overall well-being made me, as a student social worker, feel proud and encouraged to think that I may one day be able to provide someone with the same kind of support.  I found W to be strong and articulate and feel very honoured to have heard her story.  Thank you.

You explained your situation in such a clear and easy to understand manner that I forgot you are a ‘service user’ (I hate that expression).  You expressed your feelings, both physical and mental, so well I felt your pain and your relief when your social worker took the time to understand your needs.  Your answers to questions were very professional and relevant.

This session was one of the most enjoyable I've participated in since starting this course. Poetry rocks! I'm proud of our poem and shows the creativity we never knew existed in us

I found the rewriting into poetry form a great builder of ones sense of self. It makes you feel appreciated, and I loved how the words gain meaning when interpreted by the scriber.